About Us

Lend a Pet is a community of pet owners (Lenders), and pet Borrowers.

Our aim is to contribute to the happiness and good health of pets and people across Australia! (NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA & ACT).

We provide a much needed platform for Borrowers who would love to own a pet but cannot due to reasons including, but not limited to; rent restrictions, study, space, time, etc. and Lenders, who are looking to spoil their pet with more exercise and save big on pet sitter and dog walking costs!

We do not match any members until their profile information has been screened. Upon activation, if we have any questions or require additional information we will make contact via email. Please look out for emails from us > [email protected]

The safety and security of our community is of upmost importance. When matched, we send both the Lender and Borrower an Information Pack (via email), that you must go through together prior to any lending or borrowing. This document includes useful information, checklists, things to consider, and much more. It is designed to help you determine whether your match is right for you. If you do not wish to proceed with your match, email Lend a Pet and let us know why. We will then look for another match. 

Lend a Pet do the matching for you! We do not give members access to profiles as they contain personal information.

Borrowing Opportunities are sent via email to our Borrowers based on proximity. Borrowers can choose to be matched, or wait for other opportunities. If a Borrower would like to be matched, we then put them in contact with the Lender. At this point, an email is sent to both the Lender and Borrower, this email includes; your first name, your suburb (not full address), your contact number, your reason for borrowing (if provided) and the Information Pack as an attachment. Again, prior to any lending and borrowing you must go through the Information Pack together. 

Lenders, if you have received a match, please know that we do not stop there! We will continue to send the Borrowing Opportunity out to our Borrowers in aim of finding you as many matches as we can throughout the year of your membership! We want to get your dog as many walks as we can! 

Our Lenders are the type of people who want to spoil their pet with extra walks. Or, they may be busy with work, or other commitments, and would love a hand because they understand how important exercise is. By becoming a Lender, you and your pet are also contributing to the happiness and good health of people across Australia! Stop paying for Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters! By joining our community there is the potential to save big on pet sitting and dog walking costs! The $49.99 membership fee is all you pay throughout the year of your membership! We all know how expensive Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers can be, why not join Lend a Pet instead and give our Borrowers the chance to hang out with your pet? We only ask that you provide what is needed for the duration of the lend. We do not charge per lend and you do not pay the Borrower, again, all you pay is the membership fee of $49.99. The lending period is whatever you are comfortable with; an hour, a day, a weekend, while you're away on holidays...

Our Borrowers are the type of people who adore animals! They would love to own a pet, but can't right now because of reasons including, but not limited to; rent restrictions, time, space, study, etc. They may be looking for a one-off walk, an exercise buddy (because exercising is so much more fun with a dog), they may want to test if a pet is right for them before making the big commitment, they may just want some animal company at home whilst the Lender is getting things done, they may be looking for something fun and inexpensive to do on the weekend, they may be open to pet minding because they love animals but aren't ready to get their own, reasons vary. The timeframes are discussed and agreed upon between the Lender and Borrower. Borrowers are not paid by Lend a Pet or the Lender, though we do ask the Lender to provide everything needed for the duration of the borrow; food, collar, leash, etc. 

Please note, if your pet has behavioural issues, complicated medical conditions and/or is not registered or microchipped, then we do not recommend joining Lend a Pet, in such cases we believe it is better to hire a qualified professional. Also, whilst we do screen profile information and do not match people until this is done, we do not do police checks. If you would like a police check prior to lending or borrowing you will need to organise this yourself once put in contact with your match. Members are welcome to do police checks, however that would be at your expense. 

We do not automatically take the $49.99 membership fee once your membership year is over. It would be up to you to let us know you would like to reactivate and then manually reactivate your profile. 

Lend a Pet continuously search for matches. Our client base is growing every day, however, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a match. If you have not been matched, we will extend your membership at no cost to you until we are able to do so. You are more than welcome to email us for updates. Our aim is to have a happy community and we really do our best to get as many matches as possible and we continue to send new Borrowing Opportunities through as they come. In saying this, we do not provide refunds. A lot of time and effort goes into trying to provide the best possible service, we will not give up on looking for matches for all activated members. 

It is also key to note, that just like with any pet sitting or dog walking service, the pet owner runs the risk of an incident occurring involving the pet, so it is very important to discuss everything you believe to be important and relevant with the Borrower, prior to lending your pet. Lend a Pet will not take responsibility for anything that occurs. This also applies to Borrowers, incidents can occur, so please ensure you have asked the right questions and considered everything you feel to be important and relevant prior to borrowing a pet. Again, Lend a Pet will not take responsibility for anything that occurs. When matched, we will attach an Information Pack that aims to assist you in assessing risk, sharing information, creating checklists, and much more - please go through this information with your match carefully. So far, we have had brilliant feedback, and we hope to continue hearing about great Lend a Pet experiences, from both the Lender and Borrower point of view, however you must also consider the risks involved with our service and determine whether it is right for you, your family, your pet, and all parties involved. 

Please be respectful to our members and pets. If you are not respectful, we will stop matching you. If you have been matched with someone who you feel has not been respectful, please let us know via email ([email protected]) and we will do an investigation. All profile information is saved, know that your personal details will be provided to authorities if misconduct occurs. 

If you want to join our community the next steps are simple; create a profile through this website, activate your profile for $49.99, and wait (24 hours) for a Lend a Pet crew member to be in touch via email. We will email you to confirm your details (and ask for missing information etc. if need be), once you have confirmed your details and we are happy with your profile content, we will begin looking for matches and be in touch as soon as we have a potential match! Please remember to add [email protected] to your email contact list to avoid our emails landing in your Junk Mail folder. If you have any questions along the way, please feel welcome to send them through, we are happy to help and your satisfaction is very important to us. 

Lend a Pet contributes to the happiness and good health of pets and people across Australia.

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Thank you!

the LEND A PET crew.