About Us

Lend a Pet is a friendly community of pet owners (Lenders) and pet Borrowers.

Our focus is to contribute to the happiness and good health of pets across Australia, whilst providing a much needed platform for Borrowers who would love to own a pet but cannot due to reasons including, but not limited to; study, space, time, etc.

Every activated profile is security screened and only included in the matching process once completed to a satisfactory level. The safety and security of our community is of upmost importance - those who do not pass the screening process are denied access to the Lend a Pet community. Upon activation, if we have any questions or require additional information we will make contact via email.

The Lend a Pet staff do the matching for you based on proximity. Please note, we do not give Members access to other profiles due to the private content involved - we do this to protect your personal information, but also to better convenience our community. Lending and/or Borrowing opportunities are communicated via email for you to accept or decline. Once accepted, we swap contact details between the 2 persons involved (first name, suburb and contact number), and at this point we ask the Lender and Borrower to organise a meet-up to discuss further details.

Our Lenders join to spoil their pet with extra adventure and cuddles. Typically, our Lenders work long hours and need a hand exercising their pet, or they often go away for weekends / on holidays and understandably wish to avoid paying heavy pet sitter fees. Lenders are not charged per lend, the only cost involved is the initial membership fee of $49.99 which lasts one year from the day of activation. We only ask that you provide the Borrower with the necessary equipment needed for the timeframe, e.g. a lead, food, toys, etc.  

Our Borrowers are the type of people who adore animals. They would absolutely love to own a pet, but cannot due to a number of reasons including; work/study, rent restrictions, time, etc. Sometimes they wish to test whether they are ready to own a pet, or simply require a walking-buddy to join them for regular strolls through the neighbourhood. Borrowing can be for a couple of hours, a weekend, 1 day, a month - timeframes vary case to case. Please note, Borrowers are not paid by Lend a Pet, or the Lender. The Lender will provide you with the necessary equipment involved with borrowing their pet, e.g. food, a lead, toys, etc.

If you are looking to borrow a pet, or you are a pet owner looking to lend a pet, the next steps are simple; create a profile, activate your profile, and wait (24 hours) for a Lend a Pet crew member to be in touch. We would like to reconfirm that we do not share your personal details with other members, our staff simply use your profile to create the right match. Your privacy is important to us.

In order to begin borrowing and/or lending you must activate your profile which comes at an annual cost of $49.99. Once the year is over, you will be asked whether or not you would like to remain a member of our community. We would like to reconfirm that you will not be charged per lend and/or borrow. The membership fee is the only cost involved.

Lend a Pet contributes to the happiness and good health of pets across Australia. Please join us and support our pawesome cause via Facebook and Instagram!

Feel free to make contact - we are here to help and happy to answer any additional questions you may have prior to joining.

Thank you!

the LEND A PET crew.


Corporate Queries: Please email us to discuss corporate memberships and opportunities.